Alidropship Custom Store: Simplest All-in-One Drop Shipping Business Platform

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Hey guys,

In this post I’d like to share my experience with starting my Aliexpress drop shipping business with a custom Alidropship store.

I opened my first online store back in 2011 and first drop shipping store in 2014. Since then I’ve had a few others but all stores were built and created DIY style, which took grueling amounts of time and effort with constant tweaking and editing, and in the end never ended up perfect, Shopify and Wix being examples of that.

The others worked ‘okay’ for my needs at the time but I couldn’t quite get my store to look professional enough to compete. A few barriers I frequented, were coming up with a sleek clean look and a simple enough yet user-friendly store that met my standards.



  • Initially on a waiting list – for me this was not too much of an inconvenience because I already had an online store running.

UPDATE: No current waiting list as of this post.

… my Alidropship plugin vs Orbelo plugin review will be available for you to read soon, stay tuned!

Why Alidropship Custom Store Was THE BEST Option For Me.

When I discovered Alidropship’s turnkey solution… it was like my dreams were coming true… has a custom store option I’d read about in their guide – which you download here free! Since there were no actual user reviews available a year ago, I read their free guide several times and emailed tons of questions to admin support prior to my purchases.

Here’s what I gathered…

…Top rated turnkey online business optimized

…Niche research

…Custom design

…Wordpress dropship plugin

…On-site SEO and social pages


basic package option offered more than enough for me to change and head in the direction of convenience and ease. Moreover, I was fed up with figuring out this journey all on my own.

Although I was already drop shipping with Aliexpress vendors I decided to ditch my old online store and transition to a hassle free custom store. Additionally, their store creators have tens of thousands of hours of eCommerce store experience, specifically Aliexpress drop shipping.


best turnkey alidropship custom store option


Purchasing My First Custom Store – Signing Up

Initially I was placed on a waiting list – before being able to purchase… this would probably be my only complaint… BUT they were recently open to public access and likely swamped with thousands of store requests.

Their teams are dedicated to you and your business needs for duration of time it takes to create and launch the store.

…it may take a few days but less than two weeks and they are there every step of the way – which helped a ton.

The store development process was quite simple. I gave the vision and direction of my brand and they offered their professional input and also asked questions to best carry out my store needs. This alone created the best value for my investment!

By the way if you’re interested in a store but unsure of what to sell, start with their FREE ultimate guide of most profitable niche selections!


Perfect Fit For ANY Entrepreneur’s Budget

With their beginner friendly prices for new or young entrepreneurs… you honestly can’t go wrong with their least expensive customized store option. All packages are equipment with everything you need to start turning a profit within your first few months, given each individual’s efforts. The package options included Basic $299, Advanced $499 and Ultimate $899 and honestly they’re all virtually hassle free. The differences are with the Advanced on forward you get additional integrated social marketing tools and SEO.

It was an easy choice for me…I opted for the store $299 for cost purposes. I’ve been extremely happy and profitable with this choice. Explore budget friendly options with the Top Rated Turnkey Dropship Business for Sale – Starts from Only $299!

Free lifetime support alone speak volumes over the cost of starting your own drop shipping store at under 300 dollars!

….keep in mind all custom store and plugin options through comes with free lifetime support.

I can imagine what additional value their $899 100% hassle-free store option would have done for business but for time and cost reasons the basic package was the best option for me.


turnkey drop shipping business optionsActual user sales report


UPDATE: This option has also allowed me to open a second store – more to come! Reach Up to 1000% ROI with Your Unique Dropship Store. Order Now!

Website Developers Team

I must say… having a great team of website builders at your side every step of the way is the ultimate value!

…easily a $1,500 USD value alone!

Your personally assigned project manager offers support through Skype chat which is usually for one on one updates and communication. Also, within your portal, there’s a section dedicated to posting ideas and concepts relevant to progressing your website.

Simple tasks to be completed by you – usually just your email or giving them permission to link payment back office or existing domain name by providing them with access links. NONE of which is a challenge because there is also STEP by STEP instructions right below any store owner actions.

The team is extremely knowledgeable, even though this is a fairly new way of ease drop shipping option.


AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

Sounds exciting right! If you’re ready to open your store but not sure of what niche to market enter, check out The Most Profitable Drop Shipping Niche Selection free guide!

What others are saying!

“…the website looks extremely professional with the custom theme design, and any additional requirements I had were fulfilled quickly by the team to a very high standard. It was a pleasure working with them…”

“I decided to contact AliDropship about acquiring an AliExpress dropshipping store, because I was a long-time AliExpress customer and knew how many awesome products they offer at unbeatable prices. The website was finished in a week. The design was clean, everything looked professional and trustworthy,…”

“….the support is great and they update the system frequently. I recommend it!”

I hope that I can help anyone reading this to launch the store of his or her dreams and join the freedom lifestyle of owning a drop shipping platform. While my drop shipping stores keep me pretty busy – I hope to grow this blog site with your support and answer any questions in the comments below! If I’ve offered any value to your eCommerce drop shipping decisions or you choose to go with a custom store let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

Have fun opening your store, hope you enjoyed reading!  🙂



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